Bhu Naksha AP 2024: Andhra Pradesh Village Map Download PDF

To check Bhu Naksha AP 2023, the Revenue Department has provided an online facility to access FMB Cadastral Maps. You can effortlessly download the FMB or Cadastral Map Village Maps with survey numbers, from the comfort of your home. For detailed information, please read this article attentively.

Andhra Pradesh Government introduced the “” web portal enabling all residents of Andhra to obtain their land maps along with village survey numbers.

However, due to limited awareness about this online platform, people are unable to utilize its benefits. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to access bhu naksha ap online.

Ensure that you read this article entirely to avoid any difficulties while downloading the Bhu Naksha map. Let’s get started.

Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha Portal మీ ల్యాండ్ మ్యాపు ఆన్లైన్లో చూడండి

The portal offers various features, including custom layers such as FMB Layers and PNIU, as well as options to view maps using Google Maps or Bing Maps.

You can check the map based on Field Measurement Book (FMB), also Property Natural Identifier-Unit(PNIU) also Survey Number for the village map.

Bhunaksha Or Maps is used for property identification, land ownership verification, property transactions, urban planning, property tax assessment, land use planning, and dispute resolution.

They also provide a visual representation and information about property boundaries, aiding in transparent land management and facilitating efficient decision-making.

Therefore, if you are going to sell or buy any land property then you must have BhuNaksha. Below you can download your BhuNaksha PDF easily.

Overview BhuNaksha AP 2024

PortalBhu Naksha AP Online Map
StateAndhra Pradesh
DistrictAll districts and area
DepartmentRevenue Department AP
ObjectivesProvides maps of land properties
BenefitsDownload Verified Bhunaksha PDF
FeaturesFMB layer, PNIU and Survey Number

Check And Download Bhunaksha AP FMB & Village Survey Map Online

If you want to download your Village Map or FMB or Cadastral Map then you must follow these steps online:

Step1: Visit

Step2: Select Online Subdivision

  • The option for Online Subdivision will be present in the left side menu on the homepage.
  • The Bhu Naksha map can be extracted by choosing this option.

Step3: Select District, Mandal, and Village

  • The whole detail must be chosen in the following step in order to extract the land map.
  • You must choose your District, Mandal, Village, and Survey number at this point.
  • As seen in the screenshot below:

Step4: Choose FMB Print View Report

  • The option to view the report will be provided after selecting the district, Mandal, village, and survey.
  • Choose this to view the land map.

Stap5: Check Bhu Naksha AP

  • After selecting the FMB report, the bhunaksha map will open on the screen.
  • In this, you can check all the necessary details related to your land.

Step6: Download Bhu Naksha AP PDF

  • Andhra Pradesh bhu naksha can be downloaded and printed.
  • For this, select the option of downloading and printing in the FMB report.
  • As mentioned in the screenshot.
  • This allows us to download or print an online map of Andhra Pradesh.
  • It is simplest to obtain a map of your property in this manner.
  • You can ask us questions in the comment section below if you run into any difficulties with this.

Available Bhu Naksha AP District List

Below is a list of the districts where ap bhunaksha is offered. The land maps for each of these districts will be available online.

3East Godavari
5YSR Kadapa
13West Godavari

FAQs Bhu Naksha AP

How to get FMB Bhunaksha AP online?

>Visit the Andhra Pradesh Revenue Department’s web portal to extract the land map copy online.
>After this, you can get the map by selecting your district, mandal, village and survey number.

How to get Cadastral Map AP?

>On the website, you can get the Andhra Pradesh Bhunaksha cadastral map.
>Any web browser, whether on a PC or a mobile device, can be used to access that web portal.

How to download/print Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh online?

>Open the map by giving your district, circle and village and other details on the web portal of Bhu Naksha.
>After this, you will be able to download the Bhu Naksha map by download/print option.

Where to contact for problems related to AP Bhunaksha?

>Contact the office of the relevant agency if you cannot find your land’s land map or if any of the information on it is incorrect.
>Contact if you are experiencing any technical issues with the web interface.

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