Telangana Bhulekh Dharani Check Online ROR 1B Pahani Land Records & Naksha

Telangana Dharani Bhulekh 2023: The Revenue Department has developed the way we access land records. Now, you can effortlessly check and download your Telangana Bhulekh 1b Pahani Record from the comfort of your own home. No more endless visits to government offices or struggling with paperwork.

Dharani and Maa Bhoomi Telangana official websites, the records of all districts are readily available online. However, we understand that many people are unaware of this convenient service, depriving themselves of its benefits.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking and downloading your land records online, step by step. By the end, you’ll be provided with the knowledge to effortlessly obtain the 1b Pahani record for your farm plot or any land.

So, take the time to read this article attentively, eliminating any potential difficulties you might encounter during the download process. Let’s learn.

Land Records Terminology 2023

Telanga Bhulekh Dharani Portal

To simplify the process further, the Telangana government has introduced the Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) website, specifically designed for checking and downloading Telangana land records.

Through this new platform, you can easily access your land records Pahani 1b online, categorized by the district.

The following sections will provide you with a comprehensive guide on navigating this website, empowering you to effortlessly retrieve your land records.

PortalTS Dharani Bhulekh
DepartmentTelangana Revenue Department (ILRMS)
ObjectiveRevenue Related Services such as Pahani, Mutation, Bhulekh, Naksha etc
BeneficiaryAll land owner and citizen
Service TypeFree and Paid Online

Telangana Bhulekh Land Records Check Online 1B Pahani

To check and download your Farm/Land 1B Pahani Records check the following steps:

Step1: Visit

  • To open the Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) website for Telangana Land Records New Website, please use the following link:
  • On the homepage, click on AGRICULTURE.
  • Now you will jump on the main homepage of the website.

Step2: Click on (M1) Land Details Search

  • On the homepage, click on Land Details Search
  • When you will click on it you will jump to the next page.
  • Here you have to click on “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE”
  • Now you will jump to the Records Search Page

Step3: Enter Survey and Khata No.

  • On this page, you have to select the following information and then enter your Survey and Khata Number
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Village
  • After this, you have to enter and verify the Captcha Code
  • Finally, click on Fetch
  • Check your Land Details.

Final Step: Check Land Details

Adilabad | ఆదిలాబాద్Aliabad (Rural) ఆదిలాబాద్Ankapoor | అంకాపూర్
Khata NumberSurvey No./Sub-Division No.Pattadar Name
12/1అజ్మల్ ఖాన్ / అజ్మల్ ఖాన్
Father/Husband’s NameCaste CategoryGender
జసూల్ ఖాన్ / జమాల్ ఖాన్
Total Extent (Ac. Gts) Nature of LandClassification of Land
7.3920PattaMetta/ Dry
The market value of Survey No. (in INR) Land StatusLand Type
225000Not SignedAgriculture Lands
Transaction Status eKYC StatusPPB Number
Survey no / Sub-division no is part of Tribal VillagesAadhaar available & e-KYC completedPassbook number is not available

Telangana District Wise Land Records Abailable For

  • Adilabad (ఆదిలాబాద్)
  • Bhadradri Kothagudem (భద్రాద్రి కొత్తగూడెం)
  • Hanumakonda (హనుమకొండ)
  • Jagtial (జగిత్యాల్)
  • Jangoan (జనగాం)
  • Jayashankar Bhupalpalli (జయశంకర్ భూపాలపల్లి)
  • Jogulamba Gadwal (జోగులాంబ గద్వాల)
  • Kamareddy (కామారెడ్డి)
  • Karimnagar (కరీంనగర్)
  • Khammam (ఖమ్మం)
  • Kumuram Bheem (Asifabad) (కుమురం భీమ్ (ఆసిఫాబాద్))
  • Mahabubabad (మహబూబాబాద్)
  • Mahabubnagar (మహబూబ్ నగర్)
  • Mancherial (మంచిర్యాల్)
  • Medak (మెదక్)
  • Medchal-Malkajigiri (మేడ్చల్-మల్కాజిగిరి)
  • Mulug (ములుగు)
  • Nagarkurnool (నాగర్ కర్నూల్)
  • Nalgonda (నల్గొండ)
  • Narayanpet (నారయణ పేట్)
  • Nirmal (నిర్మల్)
  • Nizamabad (నిజామాబాద్)
  • Peddapalli (పెద్దపల్లి)
  • Rajanna Sircilla (రాజన్నసిరిసిల్ల)
  • Rangareddy (రంగా రెడ్డి)
  • Sangareddy (సంగారెడ్డి)
  • Siddipet (సిద్దిపేట్)
  • Suryapet (సూర్యాపేట)
  • Vikarabad (వికారాబాద్)
  • Wanaparthy (వనపర్తి)
  • Warangal (వరంగల్)
  • Yadadri Bhuvanagiri (యాదాద్రి భువనగిరి)

How To Check Maa Bhoomi Telangana ROR 1B Pahani

If you want to check Telangana RoR 1B Pahani records online then you can check it follow these steps. We have provided Direct Link here because according to the new website, you will not see the option there.

  • On this page, you have to provide the following details:
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Division
    • Village
  • Now you have to choose any one Search By option such as:
    • Khata Number
    • Survey Number
    • Buyer Number/Seller Number
    • Mutation Date
  • Finally, you have to verify the captcha and then click on Get Details
  • You will get your ROR 1BPahani Status.

How To Check Telangana Bhu Naksha Cadestal Map Online

If you want to check Map Bhu Naksha of your agricultural land then you have to just follow these simple steps.

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the TS Bhulekh Portal.
  • On the homepage, click on Agriculture
  • After this, you will jump to another page.
  • Click on IM8 Cadastral Maps
  • You will jump to the main page.
  • On this Telangana Bhu Naksha page, you have to select various details such as:
  • Select Village
    • District
    • Division
    • Mandal
    • Village
  • Layers
    • Village Layer
      • Village Map
      • Search Layer
    • Basemap Layer
      • Bhuvan Imagenaryy
  • After this, you will get the list of Land parcels.
  • Select your land Khata Number/Survey
  • You will get your Land Map.
  • To download the map, click on PDF Icon in Parcel Info.
  • Sometime you will notice Tippon Is Not Available


Information to check & download Telangana Land Records 2023 online has been given. You can get Maa Bhoomi 1b Pahani details sitting at home very easily. If you face any kind of problem in extracting Bhulekh Telangana online or if you have any question related to it, then you can ask in the comment box below. We will reply to you very soon.

FAQs Telangana Bhulekh

What is Telangana Bhulekh?

The Telangana Bhulekh is the government revenue department’s official new website for the village. You can access it for getting various land parcel details, mutation, 1B Pahani, RoR and Bhu Naksha etc.

How to Telangana Land Records Online Check?

The government has provided an official web portal to check Telangana Land Records online. Where any person can extract information about his land farm plot. For this, web portals named and are available.

How To Maa Bhoomi Telangana 1b Pahani Online?

To check 1b Pahani online sitting at home, has to be opened. After this, you can get 1b Pahani details by your district, division, Mandal, village, khata or survey number.

What is Dharana Telangana Gov In?

It is a Dharani Telangana Official website. You can access it on

Where to contact for problems related to Telangana Land Records 1b Pahani

Contact at Sub Registry Office


In conclusion, we have provided all about Telangana Bhulekh Dharani Check Online ROR 1B Pahani Land Records & Naksha. Now you can follow the above steps and can get land details.

If you get any problems do comment in the box. To get more details visit the official website.

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